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The Vending Bizz


Hello! My name is Kashief Edwards. I’m from the inner city of Philadelphia, Pa. During high school I was one of the top athletes in the state of Pennsylvania and received multiple Division One scholarships for basketball. I attended college five years and received two degrees; bachelors in Sociology and Masters in Sports Management.

I started this business because I was tired of living pay check to pay check and I wanted to spend more time with my family. At the time when I started the business I was working 60 hours a week at a residential home and barely got time to spend with my family. I actually owned 20 candy machines while working that earned me $1,000 monthly in passive income, but I needed more because I was looking for financial freedom and $1,000 was not enough to pay my bills. I did not want any more candy machines because the collection time was tedious; driving around my city took all day to pick up money from the machines that I owned. So I decided to try and invest in a vending machine, someone I meet suggested I get into the vending business so I decided to go for it.

My journey in this business has been great. I now have twenty-five vending machines that I service weekly and produces over 100k annually in sales. More importantly I now have a business that I can pass down to my family!